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Worm Treatments for Dogs

Worm infections are one of the most common health problems that dogs face, fortunately they are quite easy to treat and many worm treatments are effective against a range of worms and other pests.


How do I know if my Dog has worms?

If you observe a dog with worms, it will often display symptoms that are similar to a child with a worm infection, these may include:

  • Worms or eggs in dog's droppings.
  • Worms in dog's fur or near anus.
  • Dog showing signs of itchiness around rear end, rubbing on furniture etc. However, your dog may do this for reasons other than worms also.
  • Throwing up worms.
  • Bloated stomach.
  • The worms will be stealing your dog's nutrition so you may notice constant hunger, increased appetite, weakness or weight loss.
  • Diarrhea, possibly containing blood.


What worms do Dogs get?

Roundworms live in the intestine and can cause swollen bellies, they are a common problem with puppies. Roundworms can also be passed on to humans so it is important to get on top of them.

Hookworms are another gastrointestinal worm and can result in your dog having bloody stools or anemia. This is because they feed on blood by "hooking" into your dog's intestinal wall.

A very dangerous worm is Heartworm. This is spread by mosquito bites and can be fatal to your dog. These worms live in the vessels of the heart and cause damage to them. You must keep your dog on a medication to prevent heartworm, by the time symptoms develop it will be too late, damage will have occurred.

Tapeworms can grow large in the dog's intestine and cause a lot of problems like diarrhea and itchiness.

Whipworms can be difficult to eliminate and live in the large intestine. They also feed on blood, cause pain, diarrhea and weight loss. They have a greater effect on puppies and this makes regular worm treatments vital.


What Worm Treatments can I use?

As there are a number of different worms, it is best to choose a broad-spectrum worm treatment. There are several different products made specifically for dogs and they often protect not only against worms but against other nuisances such as fleas and ear mites.

We are going to summarize 2 popular products; Advocate for Dogs, and Drontal for Dogs.

- Advocate for Dogs

Worms Treated: Roundworm, Hookworm, Whipworm, Heartworm

Advocate treats your dog for the above worms plus fleas, ear mites, demodex, and sarcoptic mange. To use you simply apply a dose to the back of your dog, between the shoulder blades. It is effective for 1 month per dose.

- Drontal for Dogs

Worms Treated: Roundworm, Hookworm, Whipworm, Tapeworm

These tablets will protect your dog from all gastrointestinal worms in a single treatment. It needs to be taken once every 3 months and offers safe, effective worm control.


What else can I do to Protect my Dogs and Family?

In addition to deciding on a worm treatment plan for your dog, the following actions will help your whole household to stay worm free:

  • Clean the dog kennel regularly
  • Control any mice, rat and flea outbreaks as they are a source of worms.
  • Tidy up dog droppings quickly
  • Don't feed your dogs raw meat and offal
  • Teach your family to wash their hands after playing with the dog
  • Treat your dog for worms regularly to prevent re-infection



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