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Worm Medications

Does Your Child Have Worms? Do You Have Worms?

Don't worry
- Worms are easy to catch, having them is nothing to be ashamed of, and they are simple to get rid of using a suitable worm medication.
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The Worm Treatment Process Worm Medication is for Everyone
With most of the medications we stock, the worming treatment involves taking a one-dose treatment of mebendazole which kills the worms (not the eggs).

The one-dose treatment should be repeated after 2 weeks. This treats worms that hatched since the first treatment.

A good clean of your home is also necessary as worm eggs may be left on household surfaces. To kill these remaining eggs, vacuum carpets and wash floors, clothes and bedding with hot water.
School children are particularly likely to catch worms due to the sharing of food, pencils, toys etc. The worms are highly contagious and are usually passed from the child to the rest of the family.

Even if you don't have kids, worms can be caught from exposure to the worm eggs. This could occur by touching door handles, eating unwashed fruit or from interactions with infected people.

Whatever your situation - ALL household members should be treated with Worm Medication at the same time, whether they have shown the symptoms of worms or not.

Types of Worm Infections

The vast majority of Worm infections worldwide are caused by Threadworm, which is also known as Pinworm. In the USA the name Threadworm is sometimes used for Strongyloides, a different and much rarer species of worm.

If you are experiencing the symptoms listed on this site you are likely to have pinworm or threadworm, but if you do have one of the more rare infections such as roundworm, hookworm or whipworm, you will find suitable worm medications on this site also.



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