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De-Worm Tablets - Orange flavored

De-worm tablets are designed to eliminate intestinal pinworm or threadworm with a one-dose tablet.

Like other worm medications, De-worm has Mebendazole as its active ingredient and it can also be used to treat rare worm infestations such as Roundworm, Whipworm and Hookworm. However, you should seek medical advise first as these conditions can be hard to diagnose.


Classification : OTC Pharmacy Medicine (No Prescription Required)

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Who can use it?

De-worm tablets can be used by adults and children over 2 years of age. If you are Pregnant you should consult your doctor before using De-worm.

One pack of De-Worm will treat 6 family members.

Important: As worms are highly contagious, you need to ensure that your whole family or household takes the worm treatment, whether they have shown the symptoms of worms or not.

Those with allergies to the ingredients should not take this medication. Caution should be taken if you suffer from acute liver disease or are taking the Cimetidine anti-ulcer medication. In either of these cases, long-term use of mebendazole can lead to excessive plasma concentration in the blood when the liver does not break down mebendazole sufficiently. If you use the anti-convulsant Carbamazepine, caution should also be taken.


De-Worm Tablets Dosage

The dosage of de-worm does not change for adults or children, you just need to take one tablet, once - regardless of bodyweight.

The tablets are orange flavored and can be swallowed whole, chewed or crushed and added to food.


How to Ensure You Get Free of Worms

Once you and your family have taken the De-Worm orange flavored tablets, you will also need to take the following steps to rid your home environment of worm eggs and prevent reinfection:

  • hotwash all bed linen and clothes (don't shake linen as it will spread the eggs)
  • vacuum the home thoroughly - especially around the bed, wash floors
  • keep fingernails short, wash hands and ensue your children do too, especially after going to the toilet
  • try and stop your children from sharing food and placing objects in their mouths


A Second dose of De-Worm Tablets may be Needed

All worm treatments only kill adult worms present in the gut at the time the medication is taken. They do not kill eggs or immature worms and will not protect you from contracting Pinworms/Threadworms if you are exposed to them again.

For that reason, it is a good idea to re-check for worms 2-4 weeks after the first dose to ensure a second dose of De-Worm is not required. This second dose will kill the remaining worms that were eggs at the time the first dose was taken.


Are there any Side Effects?

You are unlikely to experience side effects with products such as De-Worm that contain mebendazole. However, in rare case people have experienced nausea or vomiting. This is usually only short term but if symptoms persist you should make an appointment with your doctor right away.



De Worm tablets contain Mebendazole USP 100mg, also contains saccharin sodium


What other Worm Medications could be used?

Whether you are dealing with pinworms/threadworms, roundworm, hookworm or whipworm, you could also choose from any one of the following worm medications and get the job done:




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